Day: December 14, 2020

New Jersey “in for several hard months” in coronavirus fight, says Governor Phil Murphy

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said Tuesday, when the first coronavirus vaccinations in the state are set to be administered, will be “momentous” and “a day for hope and optimism.” But, he warned Monday during a public briefing, that shouldn’t allow residents to become complacent. 

“We are also in for several hard months, especially the next 6-8 weeks. As vaccinations move forward, we will be facing stiff headwinds into this second wave,” he said.

Murphy announced Sunday that the first doses of Pfizer’s new vaccine would go to health care workers at University Hospital in Newark on Tuesday. He said the state’s first allotment of 76,000 would be split between health care workers and long-term care facility residents and staff over the next few weeks.

As of Monday, more than 15,883 people in the state had died of COVID-19, with 4,170 new cases reported. The state has reported more than

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Regina King Is Fighting to End Racial Inequities in Skin Care

Regina King: Vaseline knows how passionate I am about young, Black girls being invisible and how I want to empower them. So our conversations started as a mutual desire for a philanthropic component. Then the pandemic hit, followed by the uprisings around Breonna Taylor’s, George Floyd’s, and Ahmaud Arbery’s killings, so together we decided it was important to shift the discussion toward topics that were pressing. 

What we found was that the systemic issues that already existed in our country were being magnified as a result of the coronavirus—and the people protesting were risking their health to change the system. We wanted to do something that addresses these disparities, and that’s how our project evolved into equity in skin care.

I’m very lucky to have access to a dermatologist. And while there are a lot of people who do have access to one, either their derm isn’t Black nor are

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New Covid-19 variant identified in UK, minister says as London heads back into strict lockdown

London will return to a strict lockdown this week, after coronavirus cases soared in the British capital, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Monday.

a view of a large body of water with a city in the background: London venues including pubs and restaurants will close as the English capital is to go back into a strict lockdown later this week.

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London venues including pubs and restaurants will close as the English capital is to go back into a strict lockdown later this week.

Hancock said London will be moved from England’s Tier 2 “high alert” local restrictions to the “very high” Tier 3 on Wednesday morning at 12:00 a.m., along with nearby areas in south and west Essex, and south Hertfordshire.


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Under the highest restriction level, all hospitality venues including pubs, cafes and restaurants will close except for takeout and delivery.

People should avoid traveling outside their area and reduce the number of journeys they make wherever possible.

“Over the last three weeks we’ve seen very sharp exponential rises in the virus across London, Kent, parts of Essex and Hertfordshire,”

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Meticore Consumer Report Reviews Weight Loss Diet Pill Truth

Meticore is a leading metabolism boosting support formula that triggers the rise of low core body temperatures to enhance cellular activity levels and increase metabolic rates to that of when you were younger. The world’s most popular weight loss diet pill is to be used in conjunction with a ‘1-Minute Sunrise Ritual‘ that Todd Pittman, the primary spokesman for Meticore, says can work wonders at igniting the metabolic switch to help aging individuals revive their metabolism to induce noticeable fat burning results or your money back.

By now, everyone likely knows that weight loss formulas have long been an essential part of the supplement industry. It should come as no surprise that this is the case. Losing weight is one of the easiest ways for consumers to improve their overall health. Studies show that around 15% of adults are obese all over the world. That’s over one in ten people!

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Paloma Faith details why she’s been very open in her second pregnancy

Paloma Faith posing for a picture: MailOnline logo

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Paloma Faith has candidly discussed why she decided to be very open about her second pregnancy, revealing she felt ‘fragile’ while carrying her first child.

The singer, 39, is expecting her second child with partner Lehman Lahcine after six rounds of IVF treatment, and spoke about her pregnancy on BBC Sounds Constantly Evolving podcast.     

Reflecting on why she wanted to be open, Paloma said: ‘I think it’s important because with my first child I wasn’t honest and I struggled with that, everyone was treating me like a normal pregnant person. But I didn’t feel like one, I felt a bit fragile.’

Paloma Faith standing in front of a laptop: Honest: Paloma Faith has candidly discussed why she decided to be very open about her second pregnancy after feeling 'fragile' while expecting her first child

© Provided by Daily Mail
Honest: Paloma Faith has candidly discussed why she decided to be very open about her second pregnancy after feeling ‘fragile’ while expecting her first child

She added: ‘I couldn’t be happy about being pregnant because it was

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Artist Cary Fagan Reflects on Transformation through Meditation, Creation, Cultural Exchange

HOUSTON, December 14, 2020 — On November 17, Asia Society Texas welcomed artist Cary Fagan for a sculptural meditation performance piece titled Deerwasawolf x Chairs Are People. Through his conversation with curator Bridget Bray, his performance, and responses to audience questions, Houston-based Fagan touched on themes of creation, transformation, and cultural exchange.

“Japan allows you to think loudly in silence”

Fagan developed his initial series of experimental sculptures and public performances Chairs Are People while in residency at Arts Itoya in Japan. He traveled to Japan at a point of exhaustion, seeking the space to rediscover his own capabilities and potential. Through slow and thoughtful explorations of the city, language, and culture that surrounded him, Fagan found

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Hospitals Prioritize Which Workers Are First for COVID Shots

Editor’s note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

If there’s such a thing as a date with destiny, it’s marked on Dr. Taison Bell’s calendar.

At noon Tuesday, Bell, a critical care physician, is scheduled to be one of the first health care workers at the University of Virginia Health System to roll up his sleeve for a shot to ward off the coronavirus.

“This is a long time coming,” said Bell, 37, who signed up via hospital email last week. “The story of this crisis is that each week feels like a year. This is really the first time that there’s genuine hope that we can turn the corner on this.”

For now, that hope is limited to a chosen few. Bell provides direct care to some of the sickest COVID-19 patients at the UVA Health hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia. But he is

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Woman stunned by sister’s ‘hurtful’ reaction to her pregnancy announcement: ‘I felt ashamed’

A woman who longed to be closer to her older sibling can’t believe how far they’ve drifted apart. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what went down when she announced her pregnancy. The woman’s half-sister is nine years older. Over the years, the big sister has often disappeared without much communication — but when the two sisters are together, they actually have a great bond. However, now the rift between the two siblings seems bigger than ever.

“Last summer I found out I was pregnant,” the younger sister explained. “I called my sister and she didn’t pick up. That was not atypical, but I was so excited after my ultrasound I wanted to tell her right away. Usually, it would take her forever to return a call, if at all, so to peak interest, I sent a link to the ultrasound photos from my appointment

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Pfizer’s CEO hasn’t gotten his Covid vaccine yet, saying he doesn’t want to cut in line

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hasn’t received his company’s Covid-19 vaccine shot yet, saying Monday he and other executives will not “cut the line” as U.S. officials kick off a massive effort to distribute the vaccine across the country.

The vaccine, which Pfizer developed in partnership with Germany-based BioNTech, is the first approved for emergency use in the U.S. to prevent Covid-19. The Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized the vaccine for use in people 16 and older, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday officially recommended its use.

However, there are limited doses available and as such, the CDC has recommended states prioritize health-care workers and long-term care residents for initial distribution.

While Bourla’s company developed the vaccine, he is not a frontline health-care worker himself. He said he’s also 59 and in relatively good health, so it’s not entirely appropriate for him to receive the

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Meghan Markle Makes Her First Appearance Since Writing About Losing Her Pregnancy

In a November essay for The New York Times, Meghan Markle talked about the importance of taking care of each other, also revealing that she had suffered a devastating pregnancy loss in July. The former Duchess is once again talking about the power of community in her first public appearance since the candid admission.

Meghan Markle smiling for the camera

© Provided by Refinery29

Meghan delighted viewers of CNN’s December 13 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute special by sharing a few words for the unscripted program. The annual event pays tribute to everyday people who have made an impact on their communities, highlighting the work that they’ve done to serve other people. CNN tapped the ex-royal to join in on the celebration.

“In a year that has been universally challenging for everyone, I’m inspired by the stories of compassion in our communities,” said Meghan. “Across the country, people have put their own needs aside

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