Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and ‘Big Mouth’ Cast Host Anxiety-Inducing Meditation Session

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What better way to start the week than with an hourlong meditation session? Well, that may not be the case when interrupted by the voices of the anxious gang from Netflix’s “Big Mouth,” like Maury the hormone monster, Lola and Coach Steve.

Monday afternoon’s virtual “‘Big Mouth’ Misguided Meditation” kicked off with soothing tunes from bowl-like instruments. But the comforting atmosphere was quickly interrupted by hosts and “Big Mouth” voice actors Nick Kroll and Jason Mantzoukas, when Kroll said, “Just watching the person manipulate the bowls was relaxing — just to see them stoke the bowls, just to get their hands dirty on the bowl, producing those beautiful, relaxing sounds.”

This chaos was exacerbated by Maria Bamford, who joined the duo to voice their inner anxieties during the pandemic. Bamford, the voice of Tito the Anxiety Mosquito in the series, told guests to

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My first foray into meditation is a council-funded mindfulness session under a tree in central Hamilton

The first rays of summer, birds chirping and me, on the verge of my first foray into meditation.

Four women, two men and two (adorable) dogs are under a tree overlooking the Waikato River in Hamilton city, just off the main street.

We introduce ourselves and, complete strangers no more, we’re instructed to lie down on our yoga mats.

Nick Joy takes a class on mindfulness meditation at Victoria on the River off Hamilton’s main street.


Nick Joy takes a class on mindfulness meditation at Victoria on the River off Hamilton’s main street.

Silence spreads across the group as we prepare to settle our Western minds.

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Eyes closed with arms at our sides, mindfulness and meditation teacher Nick Joy guides us. We’re to focus on the air we breathe, the sounds we hear and bodily sensations.

It’s an opportunity

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Learning as meditation in a Zoom classroom

I run a cognitive science research lab where I study mind and language. Throughout my teaching career, I have always gone old school, the Socratic way. Throw a big challenge in the classroom, and with some gentle probing, slowly guide students on to discovery. Teaching and research share this common path. All major revelations spring from a delicious puzzle.

So when the coronavirus pandemic hit, I just couldn’t see how any of this could work online. Like everyone else, I had to bite the bullet on remote teaching. And of course, I, too, suffer from acute Zoom fatigue. But over the semester, I’ve found unexpected benefits from the online experience.

For starters, just before the first day of class, I had several students visit my remote office hours — an unprecedented event in the “in person” era. Then, in class, I was struck by the students’ hunger to be intellectually

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Headspace Guide to Meditation: Netflix and Headspace Trailer

On Jan. 1, Headspace and Netflix are releasing a series produced by Vox Media Studios entitled Headspace Guide to Meditation — it’s as if they knew we’re yearning to start the new year off on a good note. The trailer begins with the question: “When was the last time that you did nothing? And by nothing, I really mean nothing.” Some people may have trouble meditating simply because they believe they can’t “do nothing” and they find the act of slowing down unsettling. Sound familiar?

Each of the eight 20-minute animated episodes will focus on a different benefit of meditation — Netflix names managing stress and practicing gratitude as two examples — and they are narrated by Andy Puddicombe, former Tibetan Buddhist monk and the cofounder of Headspace. After discussing specific techniques, he’ll walk you through guided meditations at the end of the episodes as well. It sounds like an

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‘For Genevieve:’ Edgeworth father revives daughter’s old playhouse into greenhouse, meditation space

Roughly 19 years ago, a dad wrote a message on a wooden stud of his toddler’s playhouse he had built just for her in the backyard.

“For Genevieve’s third birthday,” it read. He then signed his name.

A few weeks later, the surprise playhouse was complete. Ron Carlson, 62, of Edgeworth, had worked through December and January to finish the outdoor playhouse for his daughter’s third birthday in February.

Carlson described the moment he and his wife, Anna, gifted the playhouse to Genevieve as “very cool.” It was decorated for her birthday, with some toys waiting to be played with, he said. Over the years, the playhouse was used for sleepovers and tea parties.

The house was furnished with play-size furniture and a tiny kitchen set. The Carlsons’ backyard also features

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Meditation app Calm raises a new $75 million, valued at $2 billion

  • Calm announced on December 8 that it raised $75 million in Series C funding at a $2 billion valuation. The round was led by existing investor Lightspeed Venture Partners and brings Calm’s total funding to $217 million.
  • Calm, which offers subscribers access to guided meditations, stories to fall asleep to, and relaxing music, saw an increase in downloads this year as consumers searched for mindfulness solutions. 
  • For cofounders and co-CEOs Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew, the new round presents an opportunity to bolster Calm’s content library, expand into different markets, and add new subscribers.
  • The duo told Business Insider how they plan to use the new $75 million, stand out in the crowded meditation space, and relax amid the chaos of running a mental health startup during a pandemic.
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While many startups struggle to stay afloat during the pandemic, a select number

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Netflix To Bring Greater Sense Of Peace And Presence With ‘Headspace Guide to Meditation’

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Self-care is important more now than ever so Netflix has partnered with Headspace for three original series in 2021 starting with Headspace Guide to Meditation which will debut on January 1, 2021. The streamer will debut two additional series including Headspace Guide to Sleep and another interactive experience later in the year.

The new ventures of wellness were announced by Netflix VP Brandon Riegg and Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. The first of the three, Headspace Guide to Meditation, explores the foundation of meditation and how it can help us be more present and less distracted in our daily lives.

Over the course of eight animated episodes, Puddicombe takes viewers through the benefits and science behind meditation. Each 20-minute episode showcases a different mindfulness technique that aids in the practice of meditation — focusing on subjects such as stress, sleep,

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Headspace is launching a Netflix show to help you meditate and de-stress

Meditation apps and streaming services have been booming of late, with people locked down and stressed out during the coronavirus pandemic, so the next logical step was for meditation apps to launch streaming shows. Calm launched A World of Calm on HBO Max in October, and Headspace has just announced a three-series deal with Netflix that kicks off next month with the Headspace Guide to Meditation.

Anyone who’s used Headspace will recognize the voice of co-founder Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk who advises you to “be kind to your mind.” The first series of eight episodes launches January 1st and will teach the benefits of the practice and provide guided meditations. The Headspace Guide to Sleep and an interactive experience will come later in 2021. (Disclosure: the Headspace Netflix series is produced by Vox Media, parent company of The Verge.)

Headspace has made its content free for

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Mindfulness meditation reduces symptoms of depression in younger breast cancer survivors

breast cancer
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

New UCLA-led research shows that behavioral interventions—mindfulness meditation and survivorship education classes—are effective in reducing depressive symptoms in younger breast cancer survivors, who often experience the highest levels of depression, stress and fatigue that can persist for as long as a decade after their diagnosis.

The results, presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (ABSTRACT GS2-10), highlights how six-week interventions can reduce depression in younger women treated for breast cancer, and in the case of mindfulness meditation, improve related symptoms such as fatigue and sleep disturbance.

About 20% of breast cancer cases occur in women younger than 50. Persistent depressive symptoms, lasting two weeks or more, are especially problematic in this target population.

“For women in their 30s and 40s, the experience with breast cancer and its treatments is substantially different from that of older women,” said lead author Dr. Patricia Ganz, associate director for

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How Coronavirus Transformed Meditation From A Management Fad Into An Essential Business Tool

Mindfulness came of age in 2020. In the grueling, fearful months of this global pandemic, organizations had an epiphany: support for employee wellbeing is a must-have, not just a nice to have. The need for increased focus and resilience, especially by managers, has been obvious. The meditation app Headspace reports more than a 500% increase in companies seeking mental health assistance for their workforce. Medical prescriptions for digital therapy apps have increased by 6,500%. Before Covid-19, it was predicted the mindfulness industry would grow to be worth $2billion a year. This figure is now likely to be far larger. 

Amid Coronavirus, mindfulness has metamorphosed. It began as a hyper-trendy Silicon Valley fad in the early part of the century. It’s now an essential leadership development tool for stressed-out managers in companies from De Moines to Düsseldorf.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention on purpose to the present moment, non-judgmentally.

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