Struggling to be more present? Look to meditation

Have you ever noticed how strangely difficult it is to just be right here, right now?

Not recalling the past. Not considering what’s next. Not analyzing, judging, storytelling or narrating, but simply being here, purely in the moment, in a soft and open way.

It’s a completely different mode from what we’re used to — a far cry from living in our heads and reflexively reacting to the whims of our conditioned and compulsive thoughts.

I’m keenly aware of how my tendency to approach most things as a means to an end and frenetically think/try/do is eating into the richness of my days. I yearn to savor this wild and precious life, but my default programming makes each day seem basic and busy instead.

This is why meditation can be so powerful.

We know by now that the benefits are vast, but for me, nothing is more appealing than honing

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The ultimate guide to get started, and how it helps to tackle stress and anxiety

The universe works on the principle of action and reaction. Each and every thing that you do on this planet has a corresponding effect or a reaction. Any thoughts that we have affect the way that we live, and conduct ourselves. That’s exactly why meditation plays such an important role in our lives!

It is a holistic science that helps us utilise our brain power, and builds our capacity. Meditation can help us calm down, upgrade our potential, and increase our capacity. These are some of the ways in which meditation influences and impacts us. This practice can make us strong, powerful, alert, and confident. It also  improves our focus and enhances our capacity to receive knowledge.

Here’s how yoga and meditation can help heal a stressed mind

Every single day of our lives, we are bombarded by external stimuli. We are surrounded by an overload of information and stimuli,

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