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Exercise could ease pregnancy woes

By Promise Twinamukye

There are a lot of things that come with being pregnant. It could be backache, swollen ankles, lack of sleep and even bloating and constipation. These things often make one feel uncomfortable.

Although it may seem like a perfect time to relax, you need to keep those muscles moving.

According to Dr Torooti Mwirigi, a general physician, contrary to popular belief, exercise during pregnancy is crucial.

 Many pregnant women have reported that exercise during pregnancy improved their mood, made them more energetic, helped maintain their posture, helped them sleep better at night, eased the process of getting back to pre-pregnancy weight, and some even reported more stamina and endurance during labour.

Dr Norman Stephen Merica, a physiotherapist, says it is important for every pregnant woman to go for antenatal care. During antenatal care, physiotherapy is advised for the mothers to train them on appropriate exercises to strengthen

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Emma Roberts Shares ‘Thoughts And Feels’ Pregnancy Photos On Instagram Ahead Of Due Date

a close up of Emma Roberts: Emma Roberts has shared photos of her pregnancy on Instagram. The 29-year-old actress uploaded a series of snaps to Instagram captioned 'thoughts & feels [sic]'.

© John Shearer – Getty Images
Emma Roberts has shared photos of her pregnancy on Instagram. The 29-year-old actress uploaded a series of snaps to Instagram captioned ‘thoughts & feels [sic]’.

Emma Roberts has shared a series of sweet pregnancy photos which appear to signal she might be nearing her due date.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old actress uploaded several photos to Instagram captioned ‘thoughts & feels [sic]’ in two parts, which gave her fans insight into how she’s resting in the latter weeks of her pregnancy.

In August, the star revealed that she is expecting her first child – a boy – with her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund, but has since been relatively quiet in sharing details about her pregnancy.

In one photo Roberts wears as off-white, floral-printed dress by Faithfull the Brand with large gold hoop earrings. With her blonde hair centre parted and pulled back into a

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Felicity Jones was “worried” her pregnancy would get her fired

Felicity Jones has revealed she was originally “very worried” that her pregnancy would get her fired from George Clooney’s Netflix movie The Midnight Sky.

The upcoming sci-fi movie sees Jones play one of the astronauts on board a spacecraft that’s headed back to Earth from a research mission, unaware that a mysterious global catastrophe has ended life on Earth as we know it.

Before she started filming on the movie, Jones discovered she was expecting, and talking to Digital Spy and other press, she was concerned it might mean she’d not be able to do the movie.

“Initially I was very worried that I would get fired, so it was a great relief when George just made it the most encouraging [news] and made me feel completely comfortable all the way through,” Jones recalled.

felicity jones in the midnight sky

Philippe AntonelloNetflix

“I have to thank him that initially when I was trying not

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Pregnancy Less Common in Young Breast Cancer Survivors

Younger women with a history of breast cancer are less likely to get pregnant compared to the general public, and their babies face a higher risk of certain adverse outcomes when they do, a large meta-analysis found.

Compared with the population at large, breast cancer survivors of childbearing age were 60% less likely to go on to have a pregnancy (relative risk 0.40, 95% CI 0.32-0.49, P<0.001), reported Eva Blondeaux, MD, of IRCCS Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Genoa, Italy.

Among all women with cancer, only those with cervical cancer were less likely to undergo pregnancy following treatment (RR 0.33, 95% CI 0.32-0.49, P<0.001), according to findings presented at the virtual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS).

“The reduced chance of future conception among breast cancer survivors raises awareness on the importance of offering complete oncofertility counseling at diagnosis to all young women,” Blondeaux said, but she added

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Renee Young on Her Reaction to Jon Moxley Revealing Her Pregnancy on AEW Dynamite

Jon Moxley casually announced during a promo on the Nov. 18 episode of AEW Dynamite that he and Renee Paquette (formerly Renee Young) were expecting their first child. Paquette has since commented on the pregnancy a number of times, including revealing they’ll be having a baby girl, but fans were still taken aback at the time by how nonchalant the announcement was.

Paquette appeared on a recent episode of The Bellas Podcast, where she said the announcement went exactly the way they planned (and the way she preferred).

“We knew that we were pretty close to announcing that I was pregnant,” Paquette said (h/t Inside the Ropes). “And he was on the road, he was already in Jacksonville. And he was like, ‘So when are we going to tell people?’ And I was like, I figured over Thanksgiving or something. Literally, the day prior, I went and had

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The script I used to negotiate a flexible work schedule with my boss

  • Jolene Cramer is a senior marketing director at Limeade and coauthor of “Take Care”, a book for working parents and their kids about the importance of care in the workplace.
  • After a difficult pregnancy and giving birth to twins, Cramer says she found herself overwhelmed, distracted, and exhausted with the high demands of her work and home lives.
  • To better balance both commitments, she spoke with her boss about adjusting her work and in-office hours to be more flexible.
  • Cramer says it’s important to know what you want before starting the conversation with your manager, be willing to negotiate, and frame your ask with a win/win outcome for you and the company.
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Five years ago, I was back at work after having my twin daughters. Back at a job that I loved, at an amazing company, with coworkers I respected and appreciated. I

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One mom’s stresses of pregnancy, pandemic and racism reflect those of many Black mothers | Momaha

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Gabrielle Ruiz announces pregnancy on birthday

a group of people posing for the camera: MailOnline logo

© Provided by Daily Mail
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Gabrielle Ruiz has announced that she’s expecting her first child with husband Philip Pisanchyn. 

The actress took to Instagram on Saturday, which also happened to be her 36th birthday, to announce that she is 20 weeks pregnant, one year after the couple opened up about their heartbreaking miscarriage.

In images shared on the social media platform, the Texas-born star i seen cradling her baby bump as she wears a form-fitting patterned dress, before sharing a kiss with Pisanchyn at their Big Bear Lake, California, cabin over Thanksgiving.

She wrote: ‘Today, on my 36th birthday, I am 20 weeks pregnant. Half way thru, right? Idk I’ve never gotten this far! We are pregnant, friends!’

Scroll down for video 

a woman posing for a picture: Big news: Gabrielle Ruiz took to Instagram on Saturday to announce that she and husband Philip Pisanchyn are 20 weeks pregnant, as she celebrated her 36th birthday

© Provided by Daily Mail
Big news: Gabrielle Ruiz took to Instagram on Saturday to announce that she and husband Philip Pisanchyn are

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Gabrielle Ruiz Announces Pregnancy News On ‘What Are Friends For Live Show’

Gabrielle Ruiz Announces Pregnancy News On 'What Are Friends For Live Show'

Co-Hosts Gabrielle Ruiz surprised her girlfriends Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champion and Vella Lovell and said that she’s expecting a child May 2021 with husband Philip Pisanchyn. The news was revealed during Live Show of ‘What Are Friends For’, Co-Hosted with Pallavi Sastry.

“Even in isolation, it’s been important for me to share our wonderful news of this pregnancy with friends one by one and in creative ways.” Gabrielle Ruiz shares about announcing her big news. “I wish I could tell my girlfriends in person, but at least I can record their reaction and have it forever online! And it’s extra special that our show [What Are Friends For] is all about friendship. Live, on my birthday, with our amazing girlfriends and fans is such a poetic way to break the news!”

That’s the premise of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend star Ruiz and Pallavi Sastry’s ‘What Are Friends For’ Live Shows, occurring

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FDA Gives Guidance on Allergy, Pregnancy Concerns for COVID Vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has clarified its guidance on administration of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, stating that it is safe for people with any history of allergies, but not for those who might have a known history of severe allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine.

The warning is included in the FDA’s information sheet for health care providers, but questions are arising as to whether the vaccine — which was authorized for emergency use by the FDA on Friday — should not be given to anyone with a history of allergies.

Sara Oliver, MD, an epidemic intelligence service officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported at a December 11 meeting of the agency’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices that two UK health care workers with a history of significant allergic reactions had a reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. A third health

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