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Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones feared her pregnancy would get her fired from ‘The Midnight Sky’.

The 37-year-old actress stars in the George Clooney-directed sci-fi movie, which is based on the novel ‘Good Morning, Midnight’ by Lily Brooks-Dalton, but Felicity discovered she was pregnant before they started shooting and was worried she wouldn’t be able to make the film.

The actress – who gave birth in September – said: “Initially I was very worried that I would get fired, so it was a great relief when George just made it the most encouraging [news] and made me feel completely comfortable all the way through.”

Felicity actually made a concerted effort not to “look pregnant”.

But ultimately, she was relieved to discover that George, 59, was happy to embrace the situation rather than “run away from something”.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Felicity explained: “I have to thank him that initially when I was trying not to look pregnant, I was denying myself a lot of chocolate cake, so when he said you can actually be pregnant in the film, I was relieved. It was a really, really instinctive and special process.

“It was testament to him to embrace what was happening and to embrace the truth of what was happening, rather than trying to run away from something. We have seen pregnant characters in films, but it’s still pretty revolutionary and particularly a pregnant woman in space, it’s quite extraordinary.”

Felicity gave birth to her first child two years after tying the knot with director Charles Guard.

The couple exchanged vows during a star-studded wedding ceremony at Sudeley Castle in England, but have always made a concerted effort to keep their relationship private.

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