“An egg symbolizes birth,” says Erica Choi, the lifestyle influencer behind @eggcanvas and cofounder of new skin-care brand Superegg, out today. “Each new day is an opportunity to reset and start anew.”

While Superegg’s DNA, from the sleek ovular packaging to its unique product formulations, is steeped in the egg as an emblem of rejuvenation, the breakfast staple is not, in fact, an ingredient: Its offerings are plant-based and formulated to match the egg’s nutritional value with entirely vegan ingredients.

“Our idea was to take this inspiration to a higher level,” says Choi, who throughout her Korean upbringing saw eggs as an integral part of beauty rituals, as she watched her grandmother and mother apply different parts of the ingredient onto their faces. Her familial traditions had much precedent throughout Asian history: In 600 B.C. China, Zhang Lihua, a concubine recognized for her “legendary beauty,” was said to have whipped up a facial cream composed of egg white and powered vermilion, while in the last century of the Korean Joseon Dynasty, a guidebook for women called Gyuhap chongseo recorded a beauty regime of mixing eggs in liquor to be applied on the face for “glossy, jade-like skin,” Choi says. But while Choi has a deep-seated appreciation for eggs in their natural form, she felt compelled to rethink these traditions when she considered animal agriculture’s impact on climate change, and the rise of animal and egg-related issues, such as allergens, diseases, and preservatives. She sought to create vegan products that could honor the egg and its properties, but in a friendlier, eco-conscious way.

The journey to launching Superegg began three years ago, with Choi joining forces with her husband, Hoon Kim, a fellow graphic designer and creative consultant, to create a skin-care line inspired by the “clean egg” that “felt elevated and efficacious, yet gentle, and addressed the skin’s overall health.” At the beginning, Choi examined the different aspects of the egg, and realized that each part of it—the egg white, yolk, and eggshell membrane—contains unique properties that benefit the skin. She began a meticulous formulation process to create special egg duplexes for each component with powerful, plant-based equivalents: Egg yolk nutrients that help lock in moisture and smooth texture, such as collagen and lecithin, are duplicated with skin-barrier-function-supporting hydrogenated lecithin, restorative vitamin E, and soothing chicory root. Egg whites’ vital components—protein and collagen—are simulated with moisturizing soy protein, healing tremella mushroom, and calming rice extract. The eggshell membrane’s water solubility is mimicked with hyaluronic-acid-boosting SYN-HYCAN and wrinkle-smoothing lupine protein to anti-aging effect.

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