Nicole Donesa dedicated a lengthy birthday post for her fiance Mark Herras, who is  celebrating his 34th birthday.

“This year has definitely been both a challenge for us. You proposed to me, we got engaged, and God surprised us with the biggest blessing that will forever change our life… Bibiboy Corky,” Nicole wrote in the caption posting a couple photo.

Nicole said Mark has been the object of her paglilihi, giving him “such a hard time and yet, you never left my side.” She even listed down all the things Mark has done for her as she goes through her pregnancy:

“ou stay up all night watching me sleep, making sure I don’t fall off the bed (and helping me get out of bed at 4am for my weewee breaks), read books to corky, cook/buy my food/cravings, provide me with XXL tshirts (lol yup), tie my hair, fan me when I’m hot, being my wheelchair when I walk for exercise.

Nicole thanked Mark for “always being present in my ob appointments, buying all my vitamins and special needs for corky, disciplining me to balance my eating, surprising me with Grab food, making sure I drink all my am/pm meds, cleaning the room & bed for me, budgeting our bills, cutting my toenails because I can’t reach them anymore, putting Vicks in my nose, making me laugh almost everyday, wiping my pawis, fixing our pregnancy photoshoot & baby shower, loving my parents & family, providing care for our furrbabies (Ewok, Mako, Tisoy) and many more that I can’t name at the top of my pregnant head right now.”


Nicole called Mark “the ultimate provider for our little family” and said she was “very grateful that God lead me to you because you really are everything that I was looking for in a partner and father to our future children.”

Nicole expressed her excitement on starting a future with Mark.

“I’m sooo excited for this life and future with you and we have only just begun. We love you, daddy itchybear-Ico & Bibiboy Corky.”

Meanwhile, Mark said his only birthday wish is for Nicole to have a normal and safe delivery and for their baby to be healthy.




Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa happily announced their engagement back in June.

A few months later, the couple revealed they were expecting a baby boy.

— Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News

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