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Yana Skin Care Prides in Unmatched Flexibility of their Laser Technology

Yana Skin Care Prides in Unmatched Flexibility of their Laser Technology

Skin Care is one of the top laser centers specializing in skin rejuvenation, vein removal and hair removal. This beauty center has given its update on its unparalleled technology that makes the treatment achievable.

In a recent post on their webpage, Skin Care prides pointed out how their innovative laser technology streamlines the delivery of impressive results. When addressing the issue over the effective treatment procedure that is ideal for any skin type, this Huston laser hair removal facility stated that their Elite MPX Laser Technology is the best. 

What makes their technology the best is that it utilizes multiplex laser technology that offers fast and real results. The equipment’s flexibility is something to reckon with since it guarantees laser removal on any skin type. It also treats redness, pigmentation, wrinkles and treatment of leg and facial spider veins. 

Furthermore, this system utilizes integrated air cooling that is safe and

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Overnight Health Care: White House presses FDA chief over COVID-19 vaccine | Committees reach bipartisan deal to protect patients from surprise medical bills

Welcome to Friday’s Overnight Health Care.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Overnight Health Care: White House presses FDA chief over COVID-19 vaccine | Committees reach bipartisan deal to protect patients from surprise medical bills | Sanders, Hawley vow fight next week over stimulus checks

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Overnight Health Care: White House presses FDA chief over COVID-19 vaccine | Committees reach bipartisan deal to protect patients from surprise medical bills | Sanders, Hawley vow fight next week over stimulus checks

FDA authorization of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate is expected soon, but the White House is pushing the agency to move even quicker. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is buying another 100 million doses of a similar candidate from Moderna. And a surprise billing fix might happen after all.

Let’s start with the COVID vaccine:

White House presses FDA chief over COVID-19 vaccine

Top Trump administration officials are turning up the heat on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to quickly authorize emergency use of the country’s first coronavirus vaccine.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows phoned FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn on Friday and pushed him to clear

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Winter brides: How to take care of your skin before the big day

As the temperature starts dropping, the skin also starts losing its moisture. Dry skin is one of the most common beauty problems faced by winter brides. With proper care, one can take care of the skin and prep it before the big day. Here’s a look at some of the beauty tips you need to follow:

Hydration is the key!
Dry skin is often a result of dehydration in the whole body, which easily reflects on the skin. By drinking a good amount of water during winters, brides can avoid dry skin and also improve their overall health.

Exfoliate once a week
If you keep noticing dry skin, then exfoliating once a week can help to get rid of the dead skin cells. As they accumulate on the skin, they can cause a rough and dry texture. Hence, it’s important to scrub once a week and hydrate.

Avoid hot showers

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What is gua sha? The trendy skin care tool dominating Instagram, explained

Move aside, jade rollers, there’s another new beauty tool that’s being credited with major skin benefits and is all over Instagram. It’s called gua sha (pronounced gwa sha), a traditional Chinese medicine practice where one takes a tool, typically made from jade or rose quartz, and scrapes it across the skin in an effort to reduce inflammation, smooth skin, boost collagen levels, tone your face, get more radiant skin — the list goes on.

© Provided by CNN

© Provided by CNN

Traditional full-body gua sha, which is more like a sports massage, can produce cringe-worthy results (imagine the aftereffects of cupping, where there is an abundance of bruising and redness). But more manageable versions of the tool, made specifically for the face, have recently boomed in popularity online. These offer a gentler version of gua sha that still has the benefits of the full-body practice, but on a

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Australian First-tier Skin Care Brand EAORON Launches Christmas Suit One Box Contains the Popular Products of the Bee Venom Series

Christmas is approaching, the major brand-name skin care products take advantage of marketing. Among them, Australia’s number one skin care brand EAORON recently released a Christmas-themed box product, which has attracted a lot of fans. It is reported that this Christmas set includes the latest popular products of EAORON’s bee venom series, including bee venom face cream, bee venom eye cream and bee venom hand cream. With exquisite packaging and three popular products, this special customized version of the product attracted wide attention from consumers as soon as it was put on the market.

It is reported that EAORON bee venom cream uses melittin, a rare anti-aging ingredient purified by scientists from manuka bee venom, which is called “liquid gold” because of its excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and promoting collagen regeneration. In addition, the R & D team also uses the world’s latest plant quenching technology, bringing together a

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Reddit’s Most Popular Skin Care Brands Of 2020 Are Mostly Drugstore Finds

One of the most under-the-radar places to get unfiltered beauty intel is by scrolling through Reddit’s r/SkincareAddiction community. The skin care-loving destination features thousands of threads in which the site’s more than 1.2 million users discuss all things beauty, from skin care routine tips to the latest must-have products. Now, with the just-released 2020 Year in Review report, Reddit’s most popular skin care brands in SkincareAddiction prove that beauty fans know how to shop wisely.

The report is chock-full of intel, including the most talked-about ingredients, hairstyles, makeup products, and more. The number one most-discussed trend of all? “Maskne,” aka those pesky face mask-induced breakouts that (unfortunately) became a thing after the pandemic hit. Mentions spiked by a whopping 305.6% in July, according to the report. Another beauty trend born out of quarantine was a spike in eye makeup: Mentions grew by 26% in July in Reddit’s r/makeupaddiction threads, proving

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Should You Buy Organic Skin Care? What Dermatologists Want You to Know

By now, you’ve seen the word “organic” on everything from produce and packaged foods to clothing and skin care products for the face and body.

a glass of orange juice

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For food to carry the official organic logo, it must have an organic content greater than or equal to 95 percent according to Health Canada.


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Essentially, the term organic means that a product contains naturally sourced ingredients that are grown in accordance with organic methods—without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), explains Blair Murphy-Rose, MD, New York City-based dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at NY Presbyterian Hospital–Weill Cornell Medical Center.

“Organic products are inherently ‘clean’ and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEG [polyethylene glycol] compounds, petrochemicals, and mineral oils,” she adds.

(Related: Beauty Veteran Jean Godfrey-June Makes a Case for Switching to Clean Beauty Products)

Should you buy organic skin care

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The Best Skin Care of 2020, According to Reddit

With the breadth of skin-care knowledge that the Internet has to offer, you’re bound to come across a lot of different opinions. Often times, you’ll see an influencer wax poetic about a certain serum or moisturizer on TikTok, then have a dermatologist swoop in and reveal that actually, it’s not so great after all.

Because of this, it can be admittedly confusing to try to figure out which products are worth spending your money on (and which ones are better left in your Instagram ads), but one place you know you can go for intel you can trust? Reddit’s “skincareaddiction” thread. The message board has become the go-to destination for crowd-sourced skin-care information, which is why it’s no surprise that the community’s top beauty brands of 2020 also happen to be the ones that derms couldn’t stop talking about this year.

Scroll through for the best skin care of

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