Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Headspace Guide to Meditation: Netflix and Headspace Trailer

On Jan. 1, Headspace and Netflix are releasing a series produced by Vox Media Studios entitled Headspace Guide to Meditation — it’s as if they knew we’re yearning to start the new year off on a good note. The trailer begins with the question: “When was the last time that you did nothing? And by nothing, I really mean nothing.” Some people may have trouble meditating simply because they believe they can’t “do nothing” and they find the act of slowing down unsettling. Sound familiar?

Each of the eight 20-minute animated episodes will focus on a different benefit of meditation — Netflix names managing stress and practicing gratitude as two examples — and they are narrated by Andy Puddicombe, former Tibetan Buddhist monk and the cofounder of Headspace. After discussing specific techniques, he’ll walk you through guided meditations at the end of the episodes as well. It sounds like an

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Exercise Bike Buyers Guide | ProForm

  • Many bikes have workout apps designed by a certified personal trainer so you can do a different workout every day.
  • Resistance automatically adjusts during the workout.

Many ProForm bikes are packed with workout apps designed by a certified personal trainer. You can choose a different workout every day. Select from intensity, performance, weight loss, resistance, speed, calorie-burn, and interval workouts ready to challenge and inspire your fitness.

The resistance automatically adjust throughout each program, allowing you to focus on the workout-hands free.

  • iFit connects your machine to an online community with training tools to track your fitness, and plan your workouts.
  • Access your account from your machine, computer, or mobile devices to review your stats, schedule workouts, and share your success.

iFit® technology connects you and your ProForm® machine to online interactive training tools that track

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Netflix To Bring Greater Sense Of Peace And Presence With ‘Headspace Guide to Meditation’

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Self-care is important more now than ever so Netflix has partnered with Headspace for three original series in 2021 starting with Headspace Guide to Meditation which will debut on January 1, 2021. The streamer will debut two additional series including Headspace Guide to Sleep and another interactive experience later in the year.

The new ventures of wellness were announced by Netflix VP Brandon Riegg and Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. The first of the three, Headspace Guide to Meditation, explores the foundation of meditation and how it can help us be more present and less distracted in our daily lives.

Over the course of eight animated episodes, Puddicombe takes viewers through the benefits and science behind meditation. Each 20-minute episode showcases a different mindfulness technique that aids in the practice of meditation — focusing on subjects such as stress, sleep,

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The ultimate guide to get started, and how it helps to tackle stress and anxiety

The universe works on the principle of action and reaction. Each and every thing that you do on this planet has a corresponding effect or a reaction. Any thoughts that we have affect the way that we live, and conduct ourselves. That’s exactly why meditation plays such an important role in our lives!

It is a holistic science that helps us utilise our brain power, and builds our capacity. Meditation can help us calm down, upgrade our potential, and increase our capacity. These are some of the ways in which meditation influences and impacts us. This practice can make us strong, powerful, alert, and confident. It also  improves our focus and enhances our capacity to receive knowledge.

Here’s how yoga and meditation can help heal a stressed mind

Every single day of our lives, we are bombarded by external stimuli. We are surrounded by an overload of information and stimuli,

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