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Jada Pinkett Smith Raves About a $7 Face Mask for Radiant, Makeup-Free Skin at 49

  • Jada Pinkett Smith, 49, opened up about her skincare routine in a new YouTube video.
  • The Red Talk Table host swears by at-home facial steaming, going makeup-free, and staying hydrated for radiant skin.
  • Jada previously revealed a few of her go-to beauty products, which include an affordable toner and hyaluronic acid serum.

At 49, Jada Pinkett Smith is serious goals, whether she’s wearing makeup or not. And in a new YouTube video, the Red Talk Table host finally opened up about the “home base” skincare routine responsible for her radiant complexion.

Jada explained that her skin type is normal to dry, but sometimes her T-zone can get oily. “I don’t have a regular aesthetician that I go to. I may go get a professional facial maybe once or twice a year. So I’ve really learned how to take care of my skin,” she said. “It’s really all experimentation until you

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Dermatologist Dr. Milton D. Moore Launches ‘Black Skin Deep’ Podcast the throngs of small businesses, entrepreneurs and other professionals who’ve experienced race-based obstacles, industry-leading dermatologist Dr. Milton D. Moore has launched the ‘Black Skin Deep’ podcast—a platform through which this esteemed and respected medical professional shares how he perseveres through struggles with systemic racism, inequity and bias in the business world and beyond—and how his listeners can do the same.

Black Skin Deep with Dr. Moore is a deeply personal podcast highlighting his insights, perspectives and reflections on decades of experience as a black pharmacist, dermatologist and entrepreneur. As a program that affirms #BlackLivesMatter and contributes to the national discourse on social justice and equity, the podcast features Dr. Moore’s detailed and deeply personal discussions about seizing possibilities, recovering from pitfalls and challenging practices and perceptions.

This he has achieved through a persistent drive to represent and advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the mass retail marketplace. Exemplifying these

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Regina King Is Fighting to End Racial Inequities in Skin Care

Regina King: Vaseline knows how passionate I am about young, Black girls being invisible and how I want to empower them. So our conversations started as a mutual desire for a philanthropic component. Then the pandemic hit, followed by the uprisings around Breonna Taylor’s, George Floyd’s, and Ahmaud Arbery’s killings, so together we decided it was important to shift the discussion toward topics that were pressing. 

What we found was that the systemic issues that already existed in our country were being magnified as a result of the coronavirus—and the people protesting were risking their health to change the system. We wanted to do something that addresses these disparities, and that’s how our project evolved into equity in skin care.

I’m very lucky to have access to a dermatologist. And while there are a lot of people who do have access to one, either their derm isn’t Black nor are

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9 Skin Care Trends Experts Predict You’ll See Everywhere In 2021

Skin care trends vary from year to year, but the ultimate goal of each of them is to, well, make your complexion as healthy and glowing as possible. In 2020, the industry dealt with plenty of maskne woes, sustainable packaging innovations, and lots of CBD-packed formulas. As for what lies ahead? The general theme of 2021’s skin care trends is all about a smarter routine.

Top dermatologists and facialists spoke with Bustle about the skin care trends they’re seeing as big in the new year, and — luckily for beauty enthusiasts — 2021 will be filled with advancements in product formulas, technology, and treatments specifically for irritation from face masks (because that’s sadly still here). For the latter concern, New York City-based facialist Shani Hillian predicts a boom in technology focused on correction.

“As an esthetician, I’ve been treating clients who have developed acne within the last few months as

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Earth & Halo Launches Blue Crystalline: a Potent, Vegan Face Serum for All Gender and Skin Types

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The newly introduced Blue Crystalline face serum by Earth & Halo is so potent that any product more effective than it would be prescription-based. Though highly powerful, Blue Crystalline is a gentle, consciously sourced, environmentally friendly, and vegan elixir that utilizes a harmonious blend of five organic extracts, which reinforce the attributes working deep on the cellular level. The rate of penetration of the patented microemulsion technology is five times higher than other serums and effectively brings the active ingredients to the bottom of the skin. The anti-aging, anti-acne serum created in collaboration with a dermatologist and microbiologist is made for all genders and gender non-conforming, as well as for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It also fights wrinkles, improves fine lines, stimulates collagen, moisturizes, soothes skin, and fights free radicals. Blue Crystalline is available for purchase on the Earth &

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A perfect solution for scars and keloids, “myScarTape” revives the comfort of skin

Scars, keloids and damaged skin can significantly reduce confidence. There has been no perfect solution to get rid of them, until now. myScarTape by SpiderTech is the ultimate product for fighting scars and relieving pain. With myScarTape, users gain their confidence back, can enjoy their favorite activities, wear any apparel they desire, and experience a better night’s sleep. This breathable, long-lasting, skin-protective tape acts as a healing second skin.

USA, CANADA – A simple yet powerful product that takes care of scars and the social stigma associated with them. myScarTape is a skin-like tape that morphs into the shape of the skin and provides a massive increase in comfort levels. To blend in with the skin, and to provide the best experience, myScarTape comes in three colors — fair, medium and deep — to match to a variety of skin tones. No other product is able to control the growth

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The Best Exfoliating Acids to Use If You Have Sensitive Skin (and Exactly How to Use Them)



From pore-cleaning salicylic acid to line-smoothing retinol, some of the most effective ingredients in our skin-care routines are acids. Used excessively or incorrectly, however, acids can also cause irritation, redness, and inflammation, which means if you’ve got sensitive skin, chances are you’ve probably ruled them off already.

While it might sound completely counterintuitive, incorporating acids into your skin-care regimen could actually improve skin sensitivities over time. Understanding which ingredients to choose, how frequently to use them, and, more specifically, the formula best suited for your sensitivity, tends to be where the confusion lies. To find out more, we spoke to leading dermatologists about how to incorporate acids into your routine safely and effectively, as well as the best formulas designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Understanding the Cause of Sensitive Skin Is the First Step

First and foremost, it’s really important to understand what’s causing your skin sensitivity.

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12 Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Products BTS Members Use

Korean idols are known for their flawless, glass skin complexion, just as Korea as a whole is known to be leading the way in the beauty and skincare industry and has some of the best products on the market. They need to stick to a dedicated skincare regimen, considering how often their skin is tested with makeup and stress from their very busy and hectic lives.  

BTS is one of these Korean boy groups. The boys have recently spoken up about different tricks and tips that they want to share with the ARMY about how they keep their skin looking so smooth and perfect! If you want to look as good as BTS’s Jungkook or Jimin, make sure to get these. 

1. PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy Creme 75ml

(photo from

Taehyung has confirmed that he uses the PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy Creme 75ml for his skincare routine. They recently

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Cosmetic Skin Care Market Analysis by 2020 Research Report Covers Updated Data Considering Post Impact of Covid-19 on Share, Size and Future Demand

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Dec 09, 2020 (Heraldkeepers) —
A rising necessity for the moisturizing skin with essential nourishment to keep skin healthy against dryness, skin irritation and other damages are propelling product demand in various regions. The easy availability of other beauty products in the market restraining the future growth opportunities of cosmetic skin care market.

The Global cosmetic skin care market report covers detailed study with the underlying influencing factors for the variations in the industry growth trends.

Global cosmetic skin care market report covers various regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of World. The regional cosmetic skin care market is further bifurcated for major countries including U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and others.

Increasing disposable income along with the rising living standards are among the major factor is

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The New Skin Care for Menopause Brands To Know

A slew of new skin-care products spotlight the latest beauty trend: Menopausal issues such as dryness, loss of volume, and even hot flashes. So, what’s for real, and what’s just hype?

Once upon a time, 50 was considered old, but now it’s badass. Just think about Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kamala Harris—and that’s just for starters. The beauty world is taking notice, and suddenly skin care for people going through (or who already went through) menopause is everywhere.

New lines like Pause Well-Aging, State Of, Emepelle, and SeeMe Beauty address specific issues such as dry skin, wrinkles, and hot flashes. While these companies cater to a huge demographic, we sought out to find whether specifically marketed products for menopausal skin are necessary. The question remains: Do you actually need different skin-care during menopause and beyond?

What is menopause and when does it

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