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Hilary Duff Says This One Skincare Ingredient Is Saving Her Itchy Pregnancy Belly

Few celebrities are as relatable as Hilary Duff. Maybe it was watching her grow up as Lizzie McGuire, bopping as tweens to her album Metamorphosis, or seeing her brilliantly segue into an adult role on Younger (bated breath for the Duff-focused spinoff). The same charm Duff projects on screen carries over to her real-life presence, both on the red carpet and in her intimate, unfiltered Instagram posts. 

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After announcing she was expecting her third child and second with partner Matthew Koma in late October, Duff’s streak of posts normalizing the nitty-gritty of pregnancy continued. While discussing her thoughts on the highs and lows of her pregnancy body and the fashion changes it requires, Duff revealed that one product in specific is saving her itchy stomach from New York’s dry winter — a 100 percent pure shea body butter. 

The one that Duff spotlit in

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Hawaii’s Next Wave of Natural Skin-Care Brands

It is not altogether surprising that Hawaii is at the forefront of our current golden age of natural skin care, in which botanical face oils and mushroom-infused elixirs abound. Few places on Earth contain such a diversity of plant species, and Hawaiians have been using this bounty — including nutrient-rich varieties such as hibiscus, coconut, ferns and kukui nuts — as a source of nourishment and healing for generations. Indeed, plants have been prized on the islands since the first millennium A.D., when the ancient Polynesians arrived by canoe, bringing with them life-sustaining crops such as taro, breadfruit and sweet potato. And though centuries of colonization have done their best to erode this deep-rooted connection to the natural world, it has endured. In fact, for many of the founders of the latest wave of Hawaii-based skin-care lines, using locally sourced botanical ingredients is simply common sense, part of a reciprocal,

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The Best Affordable Skin-Care Gifts For Holiday 2020

We all have that one friend whose skin-care regimen is always changing — not because it isn’t working for her, but because she’s constantly discovering the ingredients and products that actually produce better and better results. That’s because for her (or him!) learning about exfoliant options isn’t a chore; it’s a hobby. Maybe even a passion. And if you want to help this friend have a happy holiday season, then your gift-giving list should definitely include the creams, cleansers, and treatments needed to take a routine from good to great.

Sound expensive? In reality, you don’t have to be a Powerball winner to fill a stocking with effective, enjoyable-to-use products. Not when e.l.f. cosmetics has so many options that address just about any complexion goal you can imagine. From restoring moisture to dry skin to turning up the glow, there are plenty of choices to help your friend give great

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Meet Superegg, the New Stylish Skin-Care Brand With Cutting-Edge, Plant-Based Ingredients

“An egg symbolizes birth,” says Erica Choi, the lifestyle influencer behind @eggcanvas and cofounder of new skin-care brand Superegg, out today. “Each new day is an opportunity to reset and start anew.”

While Superegg’s DNA, from the sleek ovular packaging to its unique product formulations, is steeped in the egg as an emblem of rejuvenation, the breakfast staple is not, in fact, an ingredient: Its offerings are plant-based and formulated to match the egg’s nutritional value with entirely vegan ingredients.

“Our idea was to take this inspiration to a higher level,” says Choi, who throughout her Korean upbringing saw eggs as an integral part of beauty rituals, as she watched her grandmother and mother apply different parts of the ingredient onto their faces. Her familial traditions had much precedent throughout Asian history: In 600 B.C. China, Zhang Lihua, a concubine recognized for her “legendary beauty,” was said to have whipped

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A Derm Answers 2020’s Most Googled Skin-Care Questions

There’s no question that skin care can be confusing. Between 10-step routines and all the “miracle” ingredients the Internet is constantly telling you to try, figuring out what, exactly, you should be slathering on your face is no easy task. Which explains why people spent a whole lot of time this year Googling some of the same skin-care questions to help them navigate the basics of their routine.

And while Dr. Google certainly has a lot to offer, we’ll do you one better: We asked an actual doctor (board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, to be exact) to answer some of the most-searched skin-care queries of the year. Scroll through to be schooled on everything you—and everyone else on the Internet—have ever wanted to know about skin care.

1. “How to build a skin-care routine”

Dr. Gohara’s cardinal rule for putting together a skin-care routine? “Keep it simple,” she says.

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13 Top Dermatologists Reveal Their Skin-Care Routines

Ever wonder what dermatologists actually put on their own faces, when they’re home alone and no one is watching? We did too. That’s why we asked top experts in the medical and skin-care fields to reveal what products they apply daily — and what ingredients really move the needle when it comes to the health and glow of their own complexions.

Some of their answers were predictable (as if a dermatologist would ever leave the house without SPF) and others were more surprising. (Did we hear that someone washes their face with a modest bar? Yep.) And while there are certain powerhouse ingredients few pros would forgo (like the brightening antioxidant vitamin C), their approaches vary from quick and easy to layered and savvy.

For example: New York City dermatologist Ellen Marmur’s nightly ritual includes a high-tech device. She turns to her own MMSphere before bed to help her unwind.

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