MARIETTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2020 / With the world slowly going back to a sense of normalcy after the onslaught carried by the COVID-19 crisis, some companies have adapted to a new normal. One such company, The Lotus Room, is one perfect case. The wellness company that offers meditation classes has shifted to an online setup, with up to twenty-eight classes provided every week.

The Lotus Room is a virtual meditation studio that brings live and pre-recorded sessions to students regularly. What makes the institution unique as a wellness group is that it is 100% online, making their services and classes completely accessible to anyone, no matter where they might be in the world. The online academy offers group classes, private one-on-one sessions, and even corporate packages for companies, teams, and organizations. The Lotus Room has various classes that help their students learn anything under the meditation sun, from guided mantra to mindfulness meditation sessions.

Catering to a broad spectrum of students, The Lotus Room caters to both beginners and seasoned meditators. There is no age limit to the school. For the company and its instructors, the mission is simple: to make self-care and meditation easy and affordable to anyone seeking refuge, rejuvenation, and healing.

As people recover from lockdowns and the stresses of a worldwide pandemic and economic downturn, there has been a growing demand for health and wellness services. Restoring mental health has turned into a significant initiative in many communities and cities as people search for their way back to peace and serenity. The Lotus Room remains active in being a part of that effort by expanding its services and classes. Currently, the online school has seventeen seasoned teachers ready to guide and teach people how to find inner peace and deep healing.

While The Lotus Room remains completely virtual, many of its students attest to the level of effectiveness the school’s classes still hold. The organization has mastered the art of creating a space of peace, safety, community, and stability in a virtual setting. This edge has allowed The Lotus Room to give people a sense of balance amidst the uncertainty that the world still faces today.

In recent times, The Lotus Room has also welcomed two international teachers who currently reside outside of the United States to start catering to a global audience. By creating a virtual meditation studio, the online academy hopes to advocate meditation as an easily accessible method that people can use to cope with stress, anxiety, and crisis, whether personal or communal.

The company’s founder Aubrey Adams is an award-winning teacher who has five years of experience in wellness and meditation. She started meditating in college and fell in love with the art behind it. Aubrey began pursuing a certification herself and started teaching people how to experience wholeness and peace. The meditation guru also holds a degree in psychology and communications from Auburn University.

The Lotus Room Meditation currently holds four live virtual classes seven days a week. A student’s first class with the online community will cost no more than six dollars. To learn more about the virtual meditation school, visit its Instagram account and Facebook page.


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